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Diskriminering av POC med autism

As a parent to an a special need child I knew i will not be treated in the same way as Swedish pears who are parenting special needs children or any kind of disability, but what I never expected in my wildest dreams was my son will be converted to criminal for exhibiting autistic traits and sentenced indefinitely to Swedish maximum psychiatric hospital for years and no journalist, organizations lawyers or local media will be willing to pick up the case and put an end to the drama frightens me .
My same son who was stabbed 2014  in a home and justice was not served , the courts claimed he didn’t have the psychological capacity to witness or press charges against someone. Suddenly he has the capacity in 2019 .
Knowing that this doctor (a psychiatrist) still exists  among us is  frightening how many of her patients’ relatives has  she been banned from visiting and communicating with their loved ones. She banned me from communicating and visiting my son. The last restriction has passed and she has not still allowed us to visit or communicate.  I called today demanding to speak to he I learned in a very horrible disrespectful manner that she is on vacation.
A hospital counselor  that is supposed to be of help to vulnerable and oppressed people like my son is instead applying for Conservatorship for him just to cover their tracks and silence us .
This is the sixth time  they are applying , they started in 2016 , she has applied twice and this time the courts granted her request of a conservator  is so sickening .
Allowing racial doctors who are acting according to their ego is so heartbreaking that shows the level of nonchalant attitude of the politicians and the system .
Medicating a patient to the extent that even a layman can take note of the devastating side effects of the medications such as rashes  , shaking, twitching and rotten gums can be noticeable .
Working as a caregiver I witnessed most Swedish parent’s recommendations respected by doctors, occupational therapists, disability case workers but not that of blacks .
POC are never good enough , they are deviant toxic banned with any  explanation or help to fix the “ toxicity”. I have watched our autistic people of color die in a group home and the mother was asked to present the power of *name* before the kommun can tell her what happened to her son

Berättelser från psykiatrin

Syftet med den här hemsidan är att samla in så många vittnesmål att makthavare inte längre kan skylla på enskilda missar eller att patienten ”överreagerat”. Om vi vill ha en välmående befolkning måste psykiatrin förändras i grunden. Opsynliga.se blir en kunskapsbas till en sådan förändring.

Bidra med dina erfarenheter av psykiatrin under Dela erfarenheter i menyn ovan. Till höger kan du hitta redan publicerade historier. Anledningen till att alla historier är anonyma är för att föreningen bakom projektet inte vill riskera att dömas för förtal. Vi hänvisar till Anmäla för att göra en officiell anmälan mot specifika vårdgivare. För användningsrättigheter se Bakom projektet.

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